AJ Fernan Naked Body Goes Viral (18+)

AJ Fernan Naked Body Goes Viral…  According to information, AJ Fernan, is the guy who was physically and sexually too close to harass BINI Aiah when she arrived at Barrio club in Cebu. According to information, AJ Fernan (Queergsauce) is a gay known for cross dressing or a drag queen on his IG account.

AJ Fernan Naked Body Goes Viral (18+)

The nude picture of AJ Fernan squatting for mirror selfie is the talk of the town in the Philippines.

However, upon watching the video, fans took notice of an individual who took Aiah by surprise after he got too close to her face and appeared to be recording the moment with his phone.

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The uploader also expressed her anger over the encounter, writing in the caption, “Nagulat si Aiah, walang respeto. Know your limits people.”

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AJ Fernan Naked Body Goes Viral (18+)

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