December 2, 2023

LIL JAY INTIMATE GAY VIDEO: Leaked Intimate Footage Of Chicago Rapper Lil Jay With An Inmate.. Lil Jay sexuality has been exposed. Lil Jay has had a tough time lately.

LIL JAY INTIMATE GAY VIDEO: Leaked Intimate Footage Of Chicago Rapper Lil Jay With An Inmate

He got out of prison last year after serving about seven years of his 14-year bid for murder.

But the Chicago rapper was locked up again after a domestic violence incident in which he broke his girlfriend’s jaw and pointed a gun at his mother-in-law.

Lil Jay is facing major accusations, this evening. Earlier today, a video leaked of some men who were in prison. The video shows a man coming to sit on another man’s lap. After that, the men get very close to each other. Their actions are questionable, to say the least. Honestly, it’s unclear who either of the men are, since the video is relatively blurry. However, the people are saying this is Lil Jay and this incident is from his time in prison.

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Lil Jay spent some time behind bars, but he came back focused on music. While he does not have mainstream looks, he is definitely dominating with viral numbers. In addition, Lil Jay looks like he has the potential to break into the game. However, to be fair, he has gone by the “King Lil Jay” moniker for some time. Regardless, he has recently experienced a great deal of success. Unfortunately, there are some damaging rumors out there about him.




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