Alinity Twerk Video: Alinity Banned From Twitch For Twerking

Alinity Twerk Video: Alinity Banned From Twitch For Twerking.. Alinity banned from Twitch for twerking, and now she’s thinking about moving to a different platform.

Alinity Twerk Video: Alinity Banned From Twitch For Twerking

Shortly after her channel disappeared only to show Twitch’s ban message instead, Alinity took to Twitter to reveal the reason behind her suspension.

“Got banned on Twitch for TWERKING. Yes, really. What a bullshit ass platform, thinking of taking business somewhere else,” she said. “3 f*cking days. I got less when I had a [wardrobe malfunction]. what a JOKE.”

Taking to Twitter, Alinity revealed that her Twitch ban would once again last for three days. She stated that the ban was a consequence of “twerking” on stream, violating Twitch’s guidelines on suggestive and sexual content.

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The popular Twitch personality even shared a clip of the dance as a means of transparency. In a subsequent tweet, she highlighted the discrepancy in punishments between her 2020 wardrobe malfunction and the current ban. She criticized Twitch’s policies on sexual content, arguing that more severe offenses should be prioritized.

In the heat of the moment, Alinity hinted at the possibility of moving her stream to another platform such as Kick or Rumble.

The Twitch star also says that she mentioned to the platform that there is “way worse” than her clip, and claims they said that “it needs reported for a ban.”

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In response, Alinity mentioned that fans should report things that are worse than her twerking. “I guess go ahead and report anything you think is worse than this, ’cause there are lots,” she said.

Although her ban was initially three days her account was reinstated just 24 hours after the ban, presumably due to her appealing the suspension.

While a few Twitter users took the opportunity to bring up the past controversy surrounding Alinity’s cat-throwing incident, the majority of responses to her ban were supportive this time. Many agreed that the dance technically violated Twitch’s sexual content rules but considered the three-day ban excessive, suggesting that a one-day ban would have been more appropriate. Some users even deemed the dance as “tame” and unworthy of a ban.

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