December 7, 2023

Undies VIDEO: Brittany Renner Shows Off Her Pant During Podcast… Renner gets up from here seat and the host is clearly a bit taken aback by it all. Subsequently, she gets on top of Charleston White and begins giving him a lap dance.

Brittany Renner Shows Off Her Pant During Podcast

White seemed to be pretty happy about the whole thing, although it eventually devolved into a weirder scene. Once Renner was done with the dance, she got up an started pouring water on both the host and White. Eventually, a producer had to step in to stop her as she was at risk of damaging some of the podcast equipment.

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It was a truly bizarre scene that has since gone viral on social media. It is a position both of these individuals have been in before, however, this time, some are calling Renner’s sanity into question.

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