Original Video Of Disneyland California Guest Strips Naked Completely

Disneyland California Guest Strips Naked Completely..  A visitor at Disneyland California left other visitors horrified when he took off his clothes and began walking around a popular ride.

Disneyland California Guest Strips Naked Completely
Disneyland California Guest Strips Naked—


Visitors floated through the famous exhibition but were astonished when a man started getting his clothes off and going for a splash at the “It’s a Small World” ride.

With a pile of clothes left on the floor, he hopped out of the boat he was in and got into the Taj Mahal’s pool wearing just his underwear.

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Footage of the incident has circulated online since, with a member of staff heard shouting “Stop! Stop!”

As the pleasure boats floated, one suspected visitor can be heard saying: “Oh God he’s going to break all the stuff.” Another can be heard saying: “They should stop the music.”

The man later made his way outside.

A different footage shows him walking completely naked along the edge of the boating stream underneath the fairytale castle, in the cold light of day.

He was eventually apprehended by Anaheim Police Department on suspicion of indecent exposure and being under the influence of a controlled substance.

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Footage has emerged of him being led away by six officers, as outraged Disneyland goers can be heard shouting at him.

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