Nicholas Galitzine Fucked Tony Curran In ‘Mary & George’ Gay Sex Scene | WATCH

Nicholas Galitzine Fucked Tony Curran In ‘Mary & George’ Gay Sex Scene… “Getting the casting of Jean right was really important,” said Galitzine. “I think that relationship and the charisma that he has in sort of helping really tease the truth of George’s identity out of himself. He was so repressed in some ways, and I’m just really, really proud of how those scenes turned out, especially being so far removed from the rest of what we filmed in the first few episodes at the start of the shoot.”

Nicholas Galitzine Fucked Tony Curran In 'Mary & George' Gay Sex Scene
Nicholas Galitzine Fucked Tony Curran—

He continued: “Actually, there was a scene I did with five other men who were all completely naked. That was a first for me. I was blindfolded as well. It was an interesting day! But there was something oddly liberating about it as well. Once you get in the mindset of who you’re playing, then you don’t think about how you look, you just try to get into the moment.”

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Speaking about filming intimate scenes with Nicholas, Tony explained: “Nick was great. We had a laugh. We started texting each other before we started shooting, before I even met him, actually.

“Certainly from my perspective, to do nude scenes or sex scenes, I don’t mind if it’s okay with the other people who are partaking.… It [needed] to have a bit of levity because it breaks the ice and it can be a bit nerve-wracking, dropping trou!

“Definitely with the scenes I had with Nick because some of them were very affectionate and very tender and we’re kissing each other and touching each other and we can trust each other, we trusted the director and we tried to be as truthful and as we could with the scenes because there are a lot of the scenes that are quite rough and ready and intense and fiery and sexual. But then I think their relationship falls into one friendship, of tenderness and ultimately of love.”

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