February 22, 2024

Watch Original Michael Hanley Horse Video..  The resurgence of a disturbing Horse video on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, that showed a man being mounted by the animal has appalled netizens.

Watch Original Michael Hanley Horse Video


The video has left netizens disgusted, as many opined that the video was reminiscent of the Enumclaw case or the Mr Hands case, where a man died after being penetrated by a horse in 2005.

According to information, the man in the video who bent for the horse to fuck his butt hole has been identified as Michael Hanley.

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WHAT’S BESTIALITY? – Bestiality is a word describing sex between a human and an animal. There are few things stranger or more repulsive than bestiality...

When you say bestiality, you can hear the word beast, which is a good clue to the meaning. People who are into bestiality like having sex with animals. It doesn’t matter what animal is involved: if someone if having sex with something alive that’s not a person, it’s bestiality. Bestiality is illegal and usually considered very wrong and harmful to everyone involved.

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Watch Michael Hanley Horse Video Below film


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