February 22, 2024

Cameroon Divisional Officer Patrick Abena and Abena Korkor Sex Tape Leaks.. Abena Korkor has taken over the internet by storm after leaking another inappropriate video on social media. Over the weekend, Abena threatened to expose the people behind her viral masturbating video.

Cameroon Divisional Officer Patrick Abena and Abena Korkor Sex Tape Leaks freakyza
Patrick Abena and Abena Korkor Sex Tape Leaks


Abena has finally walked the talk since she has done exactly what she said she would. In the video, Abena is seen playing with her vayjay while the man in the video plays with his erect dick in turn.

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According to checks, the man in the video is Jean Patrick Abena, a Cameroonian, the divisional officer of Garoua-Boulia in the East Region of Cameroon. The information on his Facebook page depicts him to be a married man with kids. It’s alleged that the viral video found its way to the internet after a hacker got into his social media accounts and published it.

It is alleged that the trending clip is from a video call the duo made on WhatsApp just to please themselves. Presently, the controversial socialite fears for her life after her sex videos went viral. In an Instagram post, the socialite said that she had been sexually abused by health practitioners during her mental breakdown. She said,

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” The last time I went to the hospital, I was given chemicals and injections it is affecting my menstruation…I speak the TRUTH. I have supporting evidence for everything. I want to leave Ghana it is toxic and not good for my mental health. People die or go missing. I fear for my life. But God is my strength. He will continue to protect me.”

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