SEX With Savannah – The Good Neighbour

SEX With Savannah – The Good Neighbour..  Savannah was ravishing once. She used to have raven hair and dark skin to match. She used to relish the looks when men did their best not to stare at her large heaving breasts. 

SEX With Savannah – The Good Neighbour


Savannah looked at herself in the mirror and although she was no longer that young vivacious girl she still believe she had it. Her hair was still silky and smooth, her skin may have had a few wrinkles but nothing too offensive to the eye. And her body, even though she had raised her children her body was still tone and tight. Her large breasts even resisted the urge to droop down. Savannah looked at her body and smiled. It was all still there. Then envy of other women and the desire of every man.

Savannah closed up her robe, hiding her naked body and turned away from her full-length mirror. Yes, that was still true, she thought, except that her husband didn’t seem to notice anymore. Savannah thought about the last morning, she woke up before him and made his coffee. By the time he had gotten out of bed, there was an entire breakfast on the table waiting for him. He scarfed it down and left the house for work without as much as a glance at her. A thank you would be nice, she thought. An I love you may be downright impossible.
She poured herself a cup of coffee and sat in her living, staring outside the window. She sipped the hot bitter coffee and thought about her life. How did she end up here? Her children had all moved on; she might get a call or card on her birthday or mother’s day. And her husband whose life had turned into nothing but an endless pursuit of his work. Leaving first thing in the morning and did not return until after she had fallen asleep.

A knot in her stomach turned as she thought about him being gone. She knew the truth. It didn’t work that kept him away. It was someone else. Another younger woman. She didn’t know who she was. Maybe she was a younger version of her, same dark hair and large breasts. Are maybe she was a pale redhead. Or maybe he went for a blonde this time.

She didn’t know and the more she really thought about it, the more she didn’t care. She knew and he knew she knew. They both put up this façade but why? Who was it for? Maybe they were too far into their routines to really want to leave it.

Savannah sat her black painted toes on an ottoman. She took a long sip of her coffee, feeling the warm drink fill her body with life. She looked out the window and that’s when she noticed Eric walk out of his house. Eric at one point the little boy on the street but he had grown up. She watched Eric get pulled out of his house by a large dog and chuckled as he tried to control him.

Eric was in his early twenties now, he was tall and skinny. A lanky young man with bright red hair. He was kind of goofy, probably didn’t get too much of a second look at by women his age. But he was still handsome in his own way. High cheekbones, red hair that she wanted to run her hands through, and as he passed the house she noticed not a bad button him either.

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Savannah watched the young man get drug down the street by the dog until he eventually turned a corner out of sight. Savannah kept her eyes fixed on that location where she last saw him. Thinking about that boy. Savannah was startled to notice that her robe had fallen open, her left breast was exposed and her hand was slowly sliding its way down her stomach.

She quickly covered herself up and walked to the bathroom. She sat on the toilet. What had come over her? Was she so starved for attention that the young kid from down the street was turning her on?
Savannah tried to shake this idea from her head but she began to mull over the possibilities. What was the harm? Her husband got to have his fun, why couldn’t she? What if she did bring that young man into her house and showed him the time of his life?

“Good morning, Eric,” Savannah said, sitting on her front porch as the young man walked past.
“Hello. How are you?” He asked waving to her.
“I’m well,” she took a sip of her coffee. “Are you busy this morning?”
“I just was walking the dog. Not really, I don’t work until about three,” he said.
“Do you think you can do me a favour? When you’re done with your walk?”
“Of course,” Eric said. “Let me just get him home and I’ll come by.”

“Come up here,” Savannah said to Eric, leading the young man upstairs. She deliberately swung her round ass as he followed her. A couple of times she “accidentally” raised her robe, giving him a little peek of her upper legs. She laughed thinking he was probably too modest to look. She led the young man into her bedroom.
“There,” she pointed to a love seat in the corner. “Do you think you can move that for me?”
“You want me to move it downstairs,” he asked.
“No, sweetie,” she laughed and rubbed his arm. “Just slide it over a little bit. I want it closer to the window.”
“Oh, yeah, that shouldn’t be a problem,” Eric took the chair and slide it with ease about three feet until it was next to the window. It slid with almost no resistance that he wondered if she really couldn’t have done this. “There you go.”
“Thank you so much,” she said rubbing his arms. “You’re my big strong hero.”
“It was nothing,” Eric said as his face flushed bright red.
“Why Eric,” Savannah said rubbing her hand in his hair. “Your face is about as bright red as your hair.”
“Oh, is it. I’m sorry,” Eric said.
“It’s ok,” She said as she continued to run her hands in his hair and then down his arms. “I’m flattered.”
He stood there for a minute as she slowly worked for her hands up and down his arms, gently running her fingertips over his skin. She wondered what was racing through his mind. Did he know what she had planned for him? She watched as one of his arms pulled away and covered his crotch.
“What’s wrong?” she asked.
“Nothing,” the word squeaked out of his mouth. “I should probably get going.”
Savannah continued rubbing his arms, she slide her hand down his arm until she got to his wrist. She gently wrapped her fingers around it and peeled his hand away, noticing a large bulge pushing out through his sweat pants.
“Why? Because of that?” she asked looking at him in the eye. “Do you really want to leave?”
“I don’t know,” he said looking away from her glance. Savannah placed her hand on his chin and slowly turned his head back to her. Looking at him in the eye again.
“It’s ok,” she said stroking his face. “I don’t mind.”
“You don’t understand,” he said trying to turn away from her but she kept her hand on his cheek forcing eye contact.
“What don’t I understand?” she asked running her fingertips up and down his face.
“I’m a..” he began then stopped.
“A virgin?” she finished his sentence.
“Yeah,” he said back looking down to her feet. Savannah caressed his head softly.
“It’s ok. I was once too,” she said. She heard Eric laugh at that but he didn’t raise his head to her. He just kept looking down at her feet. Savannah removed her hand from his body and slowly pulled up her robe. She let the robe drop down behind her and stood in front of him. She watched his eyes and head as he began to drink in her body.
“It’s ok to touch,” she said placing his hands on her hips. He stood there for a moment just feeling her hips but he started to bring his hands up. Sliding them until he cupped and moulded her breasts. She leaned her back, pushing her breasts out for him. He began to squeeze and mould them. His fingers teased her nipples until they became erect.
“Look at that. I’m as hard as you are,” she said and he laughed. He kept fondling her breasts. Finally, Savannah took his arms and pulled them off her body.
“Ok,” she said sitting down on the bed. “Pull your pants down?”
Without hesitation Eric did as he was instructed, pulling his pants and underwear down until they landed on the floor at his ankles. Savannah reached out and began to slowly stroke his hard penis. Grabbing it and pulling the skin up the shaft and watching as the precum would smear across his head.
“Is this how you touch yourself?” she asked as she kept slowly running her hand up and down the length of his cock.
“Sometimes,” he said.
“Who does it better?” she asked. “Me or you?”
“This feels pretty good,” he let out.
“Oh, you’re so nice to me,” she laughed. “Have you ever had anyone kiss your penis?”
“No,” he said. Savannah looked up at him and smiled and leaned down and softly kissed his swollen penis. She let his precum smear across her lips. She looked up at him and licked it off of her.
“You taste magnificent,” she said to him.
“Thank you,” he said. Savannah then leaned down and slowly slide his entire erection into her mouth. She moaned as it inched back out. He gasped as her head slowly descended onto him again. “Oh fuck.”
Savannah reached up and began to rub his scrotum in her free hand, softly tugging and squeezing his balls as she brought her head down on his shaft and then back up.
“Have you ever had anyone do that to you?” she asked as she pulled him out of her mouth.
“Ok. Be a good boy and lay down for me,” she said patting her hand next to her on the bed. Once again Eric did as he was instructed and laid on his back. Savannah stood up and then straddled his body. She slowly lowered herself onto him. She moaned out this time as his hard cock pulled her open as it entered her waiting vagina.
She ran her hands up his chest and then started to ride him. She bounced on him as she began to force his cock deeper inside of her. She looked down at the young man’s face, his eyes were filled with both shock and amazement as he watched her body bounce up and down on him. Savannah took her hand and began fondling her clit, she leaned her head back.
Savannah wondered what thoughts were going through his mind as she fucked him. He had to wonder how this had happened. How did he get so lucky? She began to ride him faster and harder. The more she thought about this man thinking about his good fortune to have her splayed around his throbbing cock made her hotter.
Savannah was finally lost in the moment. He no longer occupied her mind. Now it was nothing but the movement. Nothing but the motion and feeling of him deep inside of her. Her thighs turned bright red as she slapped against his body. Again and again.
“Oh god,” he let out.
“You almost there with me?” she asked.
“Good boy!” She said as she continued to pound away on him. “You ready? Give it to me. Give me every drop!”
“Where?” he asked desperately.
“Inside of me,” she said. “I want to feel you unleash inside of me!”
“Ok,” he said. Their breath synced up as the two got closer and closer. He reached up and grabbed her breasts, squeezed them, hard. He arched his thighs up and she leaned her body back and the two climaxed together. She screamed out as his hot cum blasted inside of her and her juices ran down his thigh. For a long moment, she just sat on him, feeling his hard cock inside of her. Finally, she slide him out and laid down next to him.
“Well, that was a good day to start the day,” she laughed running her hands up and down his stomach.

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The Good Neighbour


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