14 Types of Female Orgasms All Girls Can Experience in Bed

14 Types of Female Orgasms All Girls Can Experience in Bed..  The female orgasm is a confusing beast. Some women have never had one, other women have them all the time. There are countless women that fall into the category in-between and have one sometimes but have to really focus to try and make it happen. But, did you know that there are different types of female orgasms?

14 Types of Female Orgasms All Girls Can Experience in Bed

Of course, the female body is pretty amazing. The ability to experience different orgasms is a major plus point but you also need to know that in order to orgasm in the first place, you need to take the pressure off!

For women, orgasms are such an emotional thing. You need to be firmly in the moment and you need to feel comfortable too. For sure, some women can just think about something sexy and boom! They’re orgasming all over the place, but most women aren’t that like. That if you’re in the latter category, don’t worry. You can learn how to have different types of orgasms too.

What is an orgasm in the first place?

An orgasm is basically a reflex that happens when the body tightens during sexual stimulation. Though most people think orgasms are purely vaginal, the female orgasm is more than that.

After reading through this article, try achieving these different types of orgasms. Who knows, you may discover something new about yourself or your partner. Plus, having a couple of different ways to orgasm is always a handy skill to have in your hands.

But, you should also remember that the journey is also enjoyable! If you focus purely on trying to have an orgasm, you’re probably going to struggle. Instead, relax, enjoy the sensations, and see where it takes you. The journey is just as enjoyable as the destination!

The 14 different types of female orgasms

The female orgasm is a tricky subject. Mostly because many women have yet to even experience an orgasm. It’s unfair, right? I mean, if you’re a guy, you’ve ejaculated before. Can you imagine never reaching a climax or never knowing how an ejaculation feels?

It’s probably your worst nightmare, yet most women are living it right now. Many women are simply having sex, not actually experiencing an orgasm at all or only some of the time.

And in reality, that’s the case for many women. But, if you’re reading this, then you’re ready to change that.

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And you thought there was only one type…

1. Clitoral orgasms

This is probably one of the most well-known types of female orgasm, yet, it’s a tricky one to achieve. Though the clit is accessible, it’s different for every woman. This means that the method you use to stimulate it will change from woman to woman. The clitoris is full of tiny nerve endings, and if touched or licked, it’s stimulated.

For most women, this is the go-to during masturbation. Find the touch that feels good to you, including direction and pressure and then go with it.

2. Vaginal orgasms

Despite the fact that you would imagine this type of orgasm to be pretty to achieve, thanks to the fact that a penis is usually in there, many women struggle to orgasm vaginally alone. They usually need clitoral stimulation at the same time. But, it’s an amazing feeling if you can achieve one.

A vaginal orgasm feels like a burst of warmth and tingling pleasure deep inside, and it normally affects the whole body to some degree. Basically, you’ll be blissed out.

3. Blended orgasms

Who wouldn’t want to have different orgasms at the same time? That sounds like a dream! A blended orgasm is what occurs when multiple erogenous zones are being aroused at the same time.

For example, nipple stimulation with vaginal penetration could result in a blended orgasm. Or, clitoral and vaginal orgasms at the same time. It takes some careful timing, but it can be achieved with practice.

4. G-spot orgasms

Everyone talks about the G-spot, but many people have problems finding it. The G-spot is on the front wall of the vagina. Though you can’t see it, you can feel it as it’s bumpy. By pressing or stroking it, you can stimulate a vaginal orgasm.

It might be tricky to achieve this one on your own but there are sex toys that are shaped in a way to try and reach the g-spot. If not, simply get your partner to help you out. They will need to insert a finger or two and then use a “come hither” movement with their finger.

When they feel a spongey section in the right area, you might feel like you need to pee a little, but you won’t – stick with it!

5. Squirting orgasms

Squirting has become a wildly popular topic in the sex world. Every guy wants to experience the female squirt. Essentially, squirting is female ejaculation. No, it’s not pee. The fluid comes from glands around the urethra. To achieve squirting, you’ll have to use a similar method to G-spot stimulation.

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Can all women squirt? Well, there’s the potential to, but it’s true that most women don’t manage it.

6. Anal orgasms

Anal sex is a lot of fun when it’s done properly. And if you do it right, you can even have an orgasm. The anus and vagina are very close together, and share tissue called the perineum which is filled with nerves, including the pelvic floor. Through this, the anus is extremely sensitive, causing rectal stimulation.

Not all women enjoy anal sex and that’s fine. But, if it’s something you want to experiment with, go slow and talk to your partner about it beforehand. With a good amount of lube, you might find that it’s your new favourite go-to.

7. Nipple orgasms

The nipples are gaining more attention lately, and they should be getting attention! When you arouse the nipples, oxytocin is released in the body, resulting in vaginal contractions. By this, women can achieve an orgasm.

If you have a partner, get them to play, lick, and suck your nipples. For self-pleasure, circle around your nipples slowly. Some women can orgasm by nipple play alone – play around with it and see what feels good to you!

8. Coregasms

If women knew this could happen, we would all be running to the gym. A coregasm is when you achieve an orgasm by working out. But this isn’t something you can necessarily train your body to do *too bad*. Rather, most people who experience a coregasm have this happen to them naturally.

Nobody really knows why this happens or actually how, but if it does happen to you, try and remember what you were actually doing beforehand and then do more of it!

9. Cervical orgasms

The cervix is a large erogenous zone in a woman and can also produce an orgasm. But, the cervix is very sensitive, so not every woman will achieve an orgasm.

To achieve one, you need to be already aroused. Your partner must move slowly and gently, or it hurts. If you have a particularly sensitive cervix then you may not find this all that pleasurable, but if you move slowly, you can experiment with whether or not a cervical orgasm is a possibility for you.

10. Sleep orgasms

Now, this is one of those types of female orgasms that sounds like a lot of fun. You can get a full eight hours of sleep and have an orgasm. These orgasms usually happen by having a wet dream, and though no one really knows how it’s achieved, the body somehow reaches an orgasm.

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But, don’t get your hopes up, these are extremely rare. But, think back and try and figure out if you’ve had one before. Maybe you have.

While you can’t force one of these or do anything to try and encourage it, you can embrace it if it happens!

11. Multi orgasms

Oh yes, yes, yes! Bring it on, baby! Multiple orgasms happen when a woman reaches a certain level of arousal, holding the sensation after the first orgasm. With the continuation of stimulation, another orgasm can occur right after.

This isn’t so rare, but not every woman will want to have another orgasm right away due to extreme sensitivity and of course, a little tiredness!

12. Breath orgasms

Orgasms aren’t always connected to genitalia. But what all orgasms are connected to is our minds. Breath can highly impact stimulation and sensation, helping you achieve pleasure.

Basically, you can breathe your way to an orgasm. When you think about it, it is pretty crazy but with a lot of practice and focus, it might be something you can achieve.

13. Non-touch orgasms

You probably thought the female orgasm involves touch. And for most of them, it does. But then there are non-touch orgasms, also known as fantasy orgasms.

Essentially, you can fantasize your way to orgasm without touching yourself. By using breathing and your imagination, you’ll be able to visualize situations and allow your body to respond sexually. It takes practice, but it’s good practice, right?

14. U-spot orgasms

This orgasm is actually related to the urethra, but bear with us. Just above the urethra, there is a small area of erectile tissue that is left over from development in the womb, e.g. when your body was deciding whether to have a penis or a vagina.

And for some women, when they stimulate this gently, it can cause a tingling feeling very much like an orgasm. You could try and add in clitoral stimulation at the same time and see if it adds extra ‘ooooh’.

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